Online English Test

Read through the following sentences and select the word from the drop down menus that you think best suits the context of the sentence.

When you have finished, please select the ‘Submit’ button.

English Test
1. Water at 100°C.Invalid Input

2. I have apple.Invalid Input

3. in Ireland is great fun.Invalid Input

4. This morning I Michael.Invalid Input

5. I would like to go to Invalid Input

6. I hate Invalid Input

7. If you look the stars on a clear night, it is possible to see thousands of stars.Invalid Input

8. I a shower every day.Invalid Input

9. Can you later on?Invalid Input

10. He has earned more €100,000.Invalid Input

11. My father is a bit me.Invalid Input

12. He hasn’t got money.Invalid Input

13. I'll ring you when I home.Invalid Input

14. the last fifteen years Ireland has undergone massive infrastructural changes.Invalid Input

15. you like him or not, you have to admit he’s got talent.Invalid Input

16. I’m not sure if I agree – it depends the situation.Invalid Input

17. When Anne won the Lottery, she about her business as if nothing had happened.Invalid Input

18. You should quit smoking for the of your health.Invalid Input

19. Don’t make such a !Invalid Input

20. being an actor, he also works in the bank.Invalid Input

21. Who is student in the class?Invalid Input

22. If I won the Lotto, I the world.Invalid Input

23. If I had known she was sick, I her.Invalid Input

24. She me of stealing her pen.Invalid Input

25. Would it you if I didn’t go to the party?.Invalid Input